I just want to discuss a simple idea with you today, that of contact areas of websites.
My work relies on word of mouth from happy clients, as well people stumbling up on my portfolio on this here website, therefor it needs to be as simple as possible for people to get in touch with me.
Simply make the barriers of entry as small as possible and you’ll get more people getting in touch.

Sometimes people display their email address directly on their site, for people to copy and paste at their will. This opens it up somewhat for Spam bots searching for any people to send crap to. I opted for a contact form, which has proven to be fantastic. You don’t need to leave my website to get in touch, so you’ll always be facing my artwork even when you’re writing to me. Perfect!
Don’t you hate it when you’re scouring a website searching desperately for that elusive contact section? It really should be listed with the other menu items (obviously this is dependent on the business of the site). If you need people to get in touch with you, make it easy for them.