Being self employed has it’s pros and cons. Being my own boss is a fantastic feeling, and having freedom to take on projects and see them through from start to finish also gives me a lot of satisfaction.
Book keeping on the other hand is rubbish. I suck at it. I do my best, but it’s always the last thing I want to spend my time doing.

Recently I’ve been snowed under doing work on some interesting projects. I can’t really say what they are just yet, not until they’re signed off and being used anyway. Some slightly more corporate work, but it’s been great fun and the people have been lovely to work with.

Another problem with being self employed is the unavoidable loneliness. How do you deal with that? I try my best to take regular breaks, and listen to podcasts, music and radio. I sometimes call clients to talk through whatever project we’re working on. The ironic thing is I don’t know if I’d be able to cope with the other end of the spectrum – being surrounded by people all the time could overwhelm my silly little brain.
You have to remain optimistic, and be proud of your accomplishments. Try and build on everything you’ve done. It can be tough when you’re main critique is yourself. Artistic brains never really like their own artworks do they?

Also I should note – I’m planning some website updates that will be undertaken on this here website as soon as I can fit it in. Watch this space…