Working in this industry a good working computer is absolutely vital, and about a year ago I earned some nerd points and built myself a really good workstation. So you can imagine my panic and upset as I started to experience repeated random crashes and BSOD (Blue screens of death). Unfortunately I did not have an automated backup system in place, so when the failings began I tried to rescue all of my data only to have the PC completely die on me.
This lead to a few days of panic, and running around trying to get components to resolve the issue.
A broken Hard Drive caddie, and a good number of hours backing up files, time spent replacing the motherboard and reformatting the Hard Drive, updating the drivers and finally reinstalling all of my design software and here I am! Very nearly through the horrible stress-inducing days of last week.
Though it has left me with some damaged tendons in my right elbow (the stress made me play drums that much harder!).

It was a nightmare few days, and it’s inspired me to set up an automated backup system, so in such an event in the future I will be able to continue with minimal down time. That’s the lesson folks.

At least all was not lost!