Websites are digital real estate. The more successful the website, the bigger a piece of the internet you have. A successful website is one that can bring in money and can even help expand businesses. You can connect to users from around the world, sell to a global audience, or even just put your own thoughts out there. Regardless of what the purpose behind your website is, there are five factors that it needs to become a success:

  1. Great Aesthetic

In the digital world, users primarily rely on their sense of sight. That’s because websites that play a video or music without permission are seen as intrusive (consider how many people go on their laptops or phones in public spaces). Other than sight and sound, a website has nothing else. So, to attract readers, you have to have a great aesthetic. This aesthetic should compliment your message, and should be easily identifiable on your website and your social media profiles.

  1. A Friendly UX

The best-looking website the world, however, won’t be helpful if it is also the least user-friendly website in the world. Users should be able to navigate with ease regardless of whether they are using a mobile device or a desktop. That is why you should have friends, family, or employees navigate your website with the aim of accomplishing certain tasks. If they cannot complete these tasks easily, then it’s time to go back to the design board.

  1. Quality Content

Organic traffic refers to real users who are interacting with your site. Real users want real information, so having grammatically incorrect and factually-lacking pieces won’t be useful. You want to create quality content for your readers to enjoy and even share.

  1. A Focus on SEO

SEO is critical to website success but generally misunderstood. Making your website SEO-friendly and adhere to Google’s guidelines is often best undertaken by an SEO marketing agency like Click Intelligence. Google’s algorithms use over 200 markers to determine a website’s worth, meaning there are over 200 ways to improve your website and marketing campaign. Operating with a focus on SEO can help put you above your competition, and can increase the amount of organic traffic tenfold.

  1. Active Updates

Updates are important for several reasons. Updating plugins, security, and themes is crucial for security purposes. Posting new content on a regular basis is important to keep users coming back and for SEO. A static, untouched website is a dead website – keep it alive, and you’ll keep it healthy.

Websites offer so many opportunities for everyone. The internet (for now at least) is a free market, and everyone has an equal share. Getting the attention of users, however, is a challenge. That is why you need to ensure your website is easy to use, attractive, has valuable content, up to date, and a focus on SEO. Without these five traits your website, and its success, will suffer. Become a success, however, and your website can take you far.