As a small business, it’s not always easy to get noticed. There’s a lot of noise out there and many companies trying to compete in the same space. That’s why it’s important for you to come up with ways that set you apart from the rest.

You have to be willing to try new approaches and attempt strategies that are unique to you. One way to do this is through art and design. Be different and use visual cues to get you recognized by consumers. There are many options available to you that are worth considering. See how to use design to get the attention of your customers.


An eye-catching website is a perfect way to enter the online space with attitude. Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for and make a purchase, like the website does. They make it simple for you to buy tickets for upcoming concerts, tours and music festivals for your favorite artists. Even find full tour schedules, seating charts and concert venue details. Work with a designer to make sure your website flows and gets the customer from one place to the next seamlessly.


Another great way to pull in your customer is to come up with an attractive logo. Take your time and make sure it’s just the way you want it before launching the design to the public. There’s a lot to consider, so consult with a designer to get their opinion on the project. You want to make sure the fonts, colors and images are appropriate. Use your logo in a wide variety of places to advertise and get people talking. Place it strategically on your website and email communications.


A poster is a fun and creative way to get more attention from your target audience. Not only can you share them online, but you can also print them out and place them in strategic locations where you know you’ll be seen. A poster is an excellent branding tool for advertising concerts, upcoming events and local shows. It’s a great addition to what you already have going on online and offline. You’ll want to pay attention to the details and colors, so it’s sure to catch the attention of your desired spectators.


Give your fans a wearable item by designing attractive t-shirts they can wear and show off. Not only should you give them out to your customers, but also create a shirt your employees will wear. T-shirts are a great conversation starter, so make sure yours is done professionally and offers people a design worth talking about. Give them away at trade shows or marketing events, so no one you meet walks away empty handed.


There’s more than one way to get noticed in a busy world. Use art and technology to ensure you’re receiving the awareness you deserve. This is how to use design to get the attention of your customers.