Websites that look simple must also be functional. Mobile internet access is also a consideration when undertaking a new website design project. Although a business owner might be able to build a website using WYSIWYG design tools, the results are not going to look all that professional. Before you choose a website designer and a backend developer, make sure you also have someone who can keep your project well managed. Hiring a professional with a masters in project and program management degree is the simplest way to keep communications well structured. Here are a few more tips for making sure that your new website looks great, functions well, and is completed and tested ahead of your launch date.

See What Website Features Are Popular with Customers

Responsive mobile websites are quite attractive to web users who primarily use their phones and tablets to check out websites. Your website design team may focus on mobile web features first if that is where most of your traffic comes in from. On the other hand, you don’t want the desktop version of your website to look plain or boring in comparison. Whether you want your team to incorporate social media into your website or enable users to sign-up and interact, learn what makes visitors come and stay when they encounter your web property.

Test Your Website as It Is Being Developed

When your website is starting to take shape, you should be checking it to see if it works as well. Broken buttons or hyperlinks that lead to error pages can be hard to troubleshoot once a website is complete. In fact, your team is going to spend about an equal amount of time designing and programming your website as they do troubleshooting. Hire a project manager with an online MSMPP degree who can give you written progress reports that let you know if everything is staying on target. Realize that some website errors will take several weeks to fix. So long as you are getting timely progress reports, you can refrain from walking on eggshells.

Try Out Minor Changes Rather Than Scrapping Finished Layouts

It is possible that you won’t be sold on your website’s final appearance at the end of the project. It could be something simple that you can’t express in words or you may also feel like the whole thing needs to be scrapped. Let your team make suggestions about background color and font changes, then see if your new website is to your liking. Small adjustments like adding gradients, changing animations, and even moving menus can make a website look totally different and therefore more acceptable to you.

When you have a team working on a new website, you don’t need to ask for updates every five minutes, but you also don’t want to wait until the results are due. Have a professional project manager lead take responsibility for milestones and maintaining the proper momentum. Every so often you should be presented with a sneak-peak of your new website in progress, be asked for feedback, and most importantly, your final approval.