Technology is a growing industry and companies are looking for employees. Twenty years ago, when the computer was something you could barely afford, jobs in the tech industry were few and far between. Today, that story has changed quite a bit and now, every single company has more than one technology department job available for you to apply for, and even some that you might have never heard of. Here we are going to talk about five tech careers that you never knew existed.

1. Market Analyst

So much information is out there today, especially on the internet, you are going to need people to gather and analyze all of it. If you are into keeping up with current trends in any industry, reading through data and stats, then market analyst is the job for you. According to 2016 numbers, the median pay is about $63,000 per year and there were almost 500,000 jobs available in 2014.

2. Data Scientist

When you hear the word “scientist” you are likely thinking about someone crammed into a lab doing experiments, but that has changed over the years and now jobs like a data scientist are a real thing. The job title sounds cool and you will be taking data and problem solving to the next level. Data is a huge market all on its own these days and having a person around to figure out what it all means is essential for success.

3. Cyber Security

If you have not been reading about the latest security breaches online, then you need to get out from under that rock. Online security is a big deal and when normal consumers are trusting big companies with very personal data, being able to keep that secure is very important. Over the last ten years, cyber security job numbers have blown up and can easily bring in $90,000 or more per year, depending on what level you are working at. In 2014, about 83,000 jobs were available with an 18% growth rate in the next 6-8 years, which is faster than other job averages.

4. Data Recovery Specialist

Data recovery specialists are experts at recovering the data from things like “bad” hard drives and other information technology systems that have been crippled in one way or another. When you are trying to take care of raid 0 data recovery, there might be simple software that you can download to use. That is not the case when dealing with millions of pieces of data collected by companies around the world. Big companies take data seriously and having a data recovery specialist on hand is important.

5. In-House Hacker

It might not sound like a professional title, but companies need a hacker every now and again. This is not the type of position that pits you against another hacker, but it can be used to reverse engineer how the competition is running ads, using email software, or analyzing how a website works.

This is just a small selection of tech careers available to candidates in the 21st century.