Do you own a website that’s filled with great content? Are you having problems determining the best place for your set of social media icons? It’s a nightmare to decide, and unless you’ve had a designer custom-design your site, there’s never going to be an obvious place to put them.

We’ve all been to a site where we’ve been highly interested in content, but we just haven’t been able to share the content because there haven’t seen any social media icons in place that makes it easy for us to do so. This is a big problem in web development today, and it is little details like these that can be the difference.

Do Social Icons Matter That Much?

They matter a great deal to any business website and that’s a fact. If a visitor can’t share your content or follow you on the likes of Facebook easily enough, they probably won’t make the effort to do it manually on social media platforms regardless of how good your content is.

You need to bear this in mind because it’s the smaller details like this that can give you the edge over your competitors. Always pay special attention to your placements of social media icons and even ask professionals what they think.

Where Is a Good Place to Start?

We see it time and time again where website owners place their social media icons right at the foot of a website. This isn’t ideal because it means visitors need to scroll right to the footer just so they can follow you on Facebook. It’s not beneficial, is it? So, where is a good place to start?

That all depends on the layout of your design. If you have a one-page design with all your information available from the navigation, you could just place a few icons in your navigation. That way, when a user scrolls down and the fixed navigation follows them, they will have a choice of where they are sitting on your page.

If, however, you do not have a one-page design, you’ll need to come up with other ideas. Trial and error is the best way of deciding and contacting professionals to see what they think is a clever idea. You need the icons to stand out, but at the same time, you don’t want to bombard your visitors. If you look at the Executive Compass website, a company that specialises in PQQ, bids, and tender, you’ll see the icons are simple and easy to find – and that’s the exact placement you’re looking for.

How Many Icons Should I Display?

There is another problem altogether when it comes to displaying social media icons; too many social media icons can give off that “desperate” affect. If you use all the social media platforms, that’s great, but don’t advertise them all in a small area of your site.

Instead, advertise a couple of the more important ones and then on your contact page, you can provide all your contact methods, including where you can be found on social media.

Finding the ideal area for social media icons is never easy, and there isn’t a spot that can be suggested without knowing what your layout looks like. One-page websites are easy because you can stick icons in the navigation, but with other sites, it’s all about trial and error and asking visitors what they think.