You probably already know that it is exceptionally important to have a website when promoting your business. However, do you know much about what goes into creating an effective website? There is an extensive range of factors that influence how effective a website performs; here are a few of them:

Selecting a good web host – Your website can only be as good as your web host enables it to be. Therefore, if you are a business owner who opted to go down the road of using a ‘free’ website, then you may come across some drawbacks at some point.

Free web hosts generally perform much slower, limit the amount of storage and bandwidth you are allowed; will potentially use your website to display adverts and do not provide any form of customer service. Therefore, you need to put some research into selecting a web host so that your website doesn’t end up being the cause that drives customers away rather than towards your products/services.

Easy Content Management System – If you are looking to manage content within your business and don’t have a specialist team to do so, you will need to select a CMS that is easy for you to use. If you don’t, you may end up with content issues, and that resorts to paying a skilled developer to add content to your website.

Create useful content – One of the most important factors of all is to ensure that your website is full of really useful content. You should, therefore, build your content with your target audience in mind. So if you are looking to offer gardening services, for example, you could create content that advises people on how to look after certain types of plants or the perks of a greenhouse. The more useful the content, then there will be an influx of customers visiting your website.

Therefore, you will need to build up your reputation as being an expert in your line of work, and then when people require gardening services, they will come to you. If your content is extremely valuable, you may even compel people to share your content with others, which is a great way of raising your profile.

Generate traffic – There is absolutely no point having a fantastic website if nobody can find it. However, there are a number of main channels that you can use to drive people to your website.

Firstly, using marketing channels such as email marketing campaigns to target your required audience is a must. This means writing content that appeals to the person who you are sending the email to and ensuring they are like-minded individuals who may need your service/product. You can look into segmentation, personalization and targeting methods in more detail to get a better idea of how to achieve this. Other ways of generating higher volumes of visitors include using social media accounts to direct people to your website and also paid traffic i.e. PPC to get more visitors looking at your products.