To build a successful brand, you must first build a loyal community. The people who purchase your goods and services are the backbone of your business, which is why you must strive to engage with your customers whenever possible. We are therefore providing tips on how to create a brand community.

Be Accessible

It is important customers feel more than just a number when building a loyal brand community. You must, therefore, interact with a customer when they reach out to you. Whether they are telephoning to make a complaint or emailing to offer their congratulations, you should aim to respond to their every message. You should pay close attention to any social media mentions, aim to answer every phone call and reply to every email. The more you communicate with the customer, the more you will appear to be a caring company.

Make the Customer Feel Part of the Brand

One of the best ways to encourage customers to engage with a product is by creating a brand that allows the customer to become part of the experience. For example, Auster is offering a unique sense of community within the vaping industry.

The e-liquid and vape subscription provider aim to provide a curated marketplace for brands, ideas and individuals, changing norms by sharing their narrative, which is creatively showcased through live events and products focusing on both function and aesthetics. For this reason, the brand recently collaborated with both artist and musicians to host a live NYC event. Their e-liquid ranges are aimed to be a celebration of culture, which embody flavour, art, music and fashion.

Develop Clear Values

If you want to develop a strong brand community, you must provide a clear set of values that resonate with your target market. Shared goals often unite members of pools (think Democrats, Republicans or Apple fans). So, ask yourself what message you convey to your target market that can bring them together to make them feel part of one community.

You must attempt to connect with your audience emotionally, so they are willing to engage with your brand. However, it is important to be aware that your values can quickly become diluted as the brand begins to grow, which could result in the loss of loyal customers.

View a Brand Community as a Business Strategy

The best way to build a brand community is to view it as a business strategy. Many customers make the mistake of creating a marketing campaign and viewing online and off-line communities as a secondary goal. By viewing a brand community as a business strategy, you can create a brand that focuses solely on the customer experience, which might be good enough to attract people to purchase goods or services from you. The products should, therefore, backup the community, not the other way around.

Remember, there is more to a brand community than encouraging followers on social media. Strive to create a community based on shared values, interests and communications, which could help you create a loyal customer base.